How to apply for sbi net banking

 Sbi net banking 

State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest bank in the country. It provides banking services and Sbi net banking to households, small merchants, and large corporate and government institutions.

SBI provides a net banking facility to its customers with different rights and limits of transactions. You can avail of the net banking facility of SBI if you are savings or current account holder of SBI.

Net banking is the revolutionary step for the banking business. Any tasks like passbook printing, cash withdrawal, Demand draft preparation, cheque-book applications, etc. can be performed in net banking.

The Internet is working as a blessing for all of us. In simple words, it makes our work easy and saves time. Especially, it has made our life much easier with the new internet banking facility. Previously, even to activate your internet banking facility, you were mandatory to visit the branch, submit the duly filled form, and wait in the queue to receive the kit containing further instructions to activate the facility.

But now, need not visit the bank branch and wait in queue for every small work. Simply register yourself for the Net banking facility from home.

Nowadays, net banking is secured with your debit card credentials and OTP (One Time Password) to protect the account holder’s money.

Now let’s find out how to activate net banking in SBI to perform a number of tasks online.

Sbi net banking

How you can simply register for net banking online, follow the instructions mentioned:-

– Visit

-After the online SBI home page appears, click on the ‘Login’ button at the personal banking section

-Then the new page will appear, click ‘Continue to Login.’

-After that, a new login page will be displayed, then click on the link ‘New user? Register here.’

-A new pop-up will appear on the same screen asking (If you have already obtained Pre-Printed Kit from the branch for activating INB facility, please don’t proceed with this link. You can input the user ID and password given in PPK on the normal login screen.) Click ‘OK’ in the alert message box.

-A tab will open, asking for the registration as a new user. Select the ‘New User Registration’ option and click on ‘Next’.

-A new page will be shown on your screen asking you to fill the ‘User Driven Registration’ form. Enter the details over here– Account number, CIF number, branch code, country, registered mobile number, the facility required, and code. The details of your account number, CIF number details, and branch code on the front page of your passbook need to filled.

-Recheck all the entered details and click on ‘Submit’

-If all your details are correct then a one-time password (OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Confirm.’

-Then select the option ‘I have my ATM card (Online registration without branch visit)’ and click on ‘Submit.’

-Now enter the required ATM card details and the code to enter. After that click on ‘Submit’

-The temporary user name will be displayed and you will be asked to create your login password. Create a new login password (Your password must consist of at least 8 characters and should be a combination of upper case and lower case alphabets and at least one number and one special character.)

-Re-enter the password to confirm. After that click on ‘Submit’.

-When the registration is successful, you have to log in to internet banking services with the temporary username and password.

-After that again go to the home page and click the login button in personal banking following the same procedure.

-Login with a temporary username and password.

-Again, need to create a temporary user name of your choice. Select on the terms and conditions and then click on ‘Submit’.

-After submitting, a new page will be displayed. Here you will be asked to create a new login password. These passwords are different from the previous one.) Click on ‘Confirm’

-After that, a page will be displayed asking you to enter all the required details like, enter profile password, confirm profile password, hint question. You have to select the secret question from the list and provide answers to them that can help you in the future in case you forget your password.

-After that, you need to enter some more details (Place of birth, country and mobile number as registered in the bank’s record). After that Click on ‘Submit’.

Your profile password and personal details are saved on a confirmation page. ‘Click the summary link’

Now the right to check the balance or generate the account statement can be operated. For Internet banking transaction rights, might need to contact the branch.

While Activating Net Banking keep in mind:

  1. Keep your ATM card with you while you register for net banking.
  2. Enter the same mobile number in the registration form that you have previously mentioned in the account opening form.
  3. Always keep your passbook and cheque-book with yourself. As, the information like account number, CIF number and branch details are contained in Passbook.
  4. Never share your account details with anyone.
  5. Never share OTP (One Time Password) with anyone. If you share OTP with unknown people you may lose your money from the account.
  6. Select your password and hint answer that is easy to remember for you, but to guess for anyone else.
  7. In case of any doubt, directly approach SBI’s branch when you have opened the account.
  8. Never reply to anyone about bank details or net banking user id, password or OTP over phone or email.



  1. How much time will it take to activate SBI net banking?

If you are a single account holder having your ATM card and registered mobile number, registration and activation are almost instant when you follow the above process. In the case of joint account holders, you have to approach the branch to create credentials for you.

  1. Is SBI net banking safe?

The bank uses the most advanced technology to secure your information and money. From the customer part, basic precautions like secrecy of user id, password, OTP, and other details will ensure the security of your account.

  1. After registration and activation, I forgot my password for SBI net banking. What to do?

If you have an ATM card, you can reset the password online. You may be asked a hint question. Answer it correctly and enter OTP (One Time Password) received in your registered mobile number. You will be able to reset your password instantly. In case you forgot some details asked, you can approach the bank to reset the password.

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