How to Block the SBI Debit Card (Online/ SMS/ Customer Care/ Mobile App)?

Have you Undergone Card lost or has someone pulled away from your purse that is having Debit Card of your SBI? Whatever is the reason, when you are here searching about How to block SBI debit card then it is quite sure that you are in need of the process using which you can easily block your SBI Master Card, right!

In case you are having an old Maestro Card (first replace it with the new master card or Visa) or your debit card details have been compromised and you want to block it, then first thing first you should do is to contact SBI customer care or the near branch of SBI.

How to Block SBI Debit Card

How to Block SBI Debit Card
How to Block SBI Debit Card

However, out of havoc and panic or smartness, it is your prime duty to block your card immediately by using net banking (you should have net banking account) or directly through the SBI Mobile app.

Are you not familiar with the ways you can do it immediately and effortlessly, here is the guide step by step provided you below where we have covered not 1 or 2 methods but a total of 4 effective and easy method you can block your SBI debit card immediately and prevent any theft or cheat.

The process might be familiar to you or you might have heard it somewhere, even if it is so, go with it because the guide shows you step by step guide and all the required information right below rather than surfing with another article for the same solution.

Stay tuned and follow the methods that are given you below in a complete step by step manner.

Method 1: Block Your State Bank Debit Card Online

The process is quite simpler than any other method and quick as well but at the same time, you should already be having a Net banking account. And if you have so, simply follow the instructions below:

Now in order to solve the issue with Net banking, you will have to undergo below given two steps:

  • First, log in to SBI Personal Net Banking Account.
  • Second, Block the Card
  1. First, log in to SBI Personal Net Banking Account.

First of all open SBI Net banking into your browser. This you can directly open via the link

As you will enter this link into your URL bar and press the enter button of your keyboard, you will be navigated to the main SBI official site portal.

  • Here you will be shown a ‘continue to log in’ option and you will have to click on it.
  • Doing that you will be taken to the login dashboard of SBI personal banking.
  • If not this way, then simply, navigate to the SBI personal net banking from the portal.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your SBI net banking Login details and this is nothing but your Username and password you created at the time of registering to SBI Net Banking.
  • Enter current login details there and next, you will be asked to enter captcha given you below. In case you are visually impaired, then switch to audio captcha and then apart from entering your Login data there, enter the captcha and then press the Login button that is available below.
  • Doing this you have completed your Login and you are into the main dashboard of your profile.
  1. Second, Block the Card

Now as you have made the login to your online net banking, then simply follow these steps now.

In the menu navigation bar, simply check for e-services Tab present.

  • Click on that option and from there you can easily find many options but now you have the option of choose ATM card services and that you will have to click on.
  • Now click on Block ATM Card.
  • Now you will be asked to choose the account no. that is linked with your debit card. So, choose the account number that linked with that debit card.
  • Now press the continue button after doing this.
  • Now on the next screen, you will be displayed the ATM card details, ATM Card number, It’s Status (whether active or not).
  • Now select the ATM card that you want to block.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the reason for blocking ATM.
  • So, enter the reason (Lost or Stolen) behind the action you are taking of blocking the ATM.
  • Now enter your remark in the next section you are asked and finally submit it.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your profile password or OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Now you will have to enter the OTP that you have received onto your registered mobile number.
  • Enter that OTP there and then submit it instantly within 1 minute.
  • Now a success message will be appearing onto your screen that confirms the ticked number once you have blocked the ATM card.

Method 2: Block ATM/DEBIT Card Via SMS

As per the second method, there is no need of internet connection to your phone and you can do it directly using mobile messaging.

But make sure, in order to do that, you should have the number that is already associated with your bank and that only you will have to use.

So, pick you mobile and with your registered mobile number simply send SMS as follows:

BLOCK XXXX (XXXX represents the last 4 digits of your card) and then simply sent it to 567676.

And soon you sent it, you will be notified when your debit card/ ATM card is blocked.

Method 3: Contact Customer Care [Tool Free]

The third and yet effective way for a person to block his/her Card is directly connecting to SBI customer care executive and the best part of it is that, it is completely free of cost.

And the person who are unable to text or don’t have net banking account, simply can try calling customer care and first options after call connect is about ATM/Debit Card block query and they can simply try out.

Not only that, this is a best option for visually impaired people and those who are not that able to read and are illiterate as well.

They simply will have to dial the below given number and block there card by following the instruction or with the help of customer care on the phone.

Note: Make sure you don’t share your OTP, CVV, ATM number other crucial information with the customer care because it is only mend for your use. Rather if they ask so, simply keep the recording and complaint about it to Admin.

SBI Toll Free Numbers List:

  • 1800 11 2211
  • 1800 425 3800
  • 080-26599990

Method 4: Block Your SBI Card Using ATM/Debit Card via Mobile App

Specially people who are already using net banking especially in their mobile, they might be well aware about the SBI mobile app and its easy use and service utilization from here.

SBI Mobile app really makes you service utilization of SBI simpler and faster as well as anytime and anywhere use effectively.

So, if you are new or have net banking account but only using at your PC but not on your mobile then, better immediately download the App and install it into your mobile phone.

Now you will have to make Login to it using your Login Id and password (MPIN) and as you do that you can find the option on the main menu itself under favourite/ Feature option.

If not then find it in the services tab and then there you have the option of ‘Block Card’ which you will have to click immediately.

You might be asked for the reason and the remark or maybe not, so act accordingly.

Now you are done with the process, you will be notified about your Card blocking process initiated or blocked.

When Should You Block Your Debit Card (ATM Card)

Blocking a card is not a fashion neither a test and try process, and hence do simply try to block your card, because one it is blocked and you want to regain a new card, you will have to undergo some procedure of card request as well as will be charged some amount for new ATM card delivery.

This charge includes you ATM charge and Delivery charge that is being charged by courier persons.

Not only that, you card won’t be provided to you within one or two days, but it undergoes some process and takes at least 1 week or sometimes it goes upto 1 month.

Other problem is that if you are out of your residential place then in order to receive your new card you will either have to change the permanent address with the current address or simply order it to your main address or then import it to your current address by courier.

So, here are some extreme situations when you should block your ATM card using any method mentioned you above:

In case your card is Missing or Stolen.

In case your card details are compromised.

In case you need a new debit card or an upgraded one, then you will have to block your first card.

If you are still using Maestro debit card that was issued by SBI long ago and want to get a new Visa or Master Card.

Remember, some Maestro card don’t have CVV and Expiry date on it and hence it is useless and can’t be used for many sites for purchase and hence you need to get an upgraded one.

Not only that, the upgraded card, has security chip on it, that has been made mandatory by the government and hence you will have to upgrade your card with new MasterCard that is having microchip with it.

Final Words

Now by this point of time, I am sure that you are clarified and adept with the process of How to block SBI debit card step by step and not merely by 1 or 2 but total of 4 effective yet effortless method.

Your debit/ ATM card might have the money that might have been collectively saved for long time and out of your some saving and what if it is stolen or fell anywhere and went into wrong hands who know how to pull all the money trickily?

Do this, where you need to block your card and it becomes mandatory. Where on one hand it is really an efficient tool for easy money transactions, at this point this becomes the biggest vain.

So, whether you are illiterate, visually challenged, audibly challenged or a person who don’t have internet connection; everyone can easily block his SBI DEBIT CARD STOLEN and can save the matter of being cheated using all the 4 effective ways mentioned you above.

Rest if you are having any query, that you want to ask or what to share with us, check out our remark section that you can find present beneath the article.

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